Study Abroad

In the recent years, China has taken a centre-stage in many domains like industrial growth, exports, education and more. It is a known fact that China has never been so prominent in these domains.

It is the right time to exploit the aura that China has built around itself.

Pragati Consultancy Services has done a lot of research and analysis on overseas education, specially in the domain of medical education. China has emerged as a leading quality medical courses. Medical courses in China are sought by many aspiring doctors of tomorrow.

Some factors contributing to the popularity of medical courses in China are:

  • China as a focal point – A popular tourist destination, China is a country that welcomes foreign students. With a great economy, China offers world-class amenities to all. Their robust transport system ensures comfortable and inexpensive travel within the country. A hot tourist destination, China has won the hearts of foreign visitors through its hospitality.
  • Affordability – The cost of medical courses in India or Europe is sky-rocketing and is beyond the reach of most people. This has led to a great demand for affordable medical courses. China offers fresh avenues for M.B.B.S. Courses. Pursuing higher studies in China is quite affordable. Compared to other countries, China offers a very cost-effective system of higher education, specially M.B.B.S. Courses. Unavoidable expenses like tuition fee, accommodation, food, etc. are quite affordable in China for foreign students. These expenses are quite reasonable in China. Moreover, the medical universities in China do not seek any donation from foreign students.
  • Growth & Development – China has witnessed a tremendous growth in the past three decades, more so in the employment sector. The medical sector has a very great scope in China. China has grown its healthcare sector very aggressively. There has been a lot of growth in China in terms of numerous hospitals, clinics, medical research centres, multinational pharmaceuticals and more. This has opened fresh avenues for aspiring medical experts. Doctors are in a great demand here.
  • Distinguished Course Curriculum – M.B.B.S., the medicine course for undergraduates is one of the most popular courses in China. This medical course in China is designed to create skilled and professional doctors, enabling them to serve the human kind in the most efficient manner. A detailed curriculum is followed at the universities granting M.B.B.S. Degree in China. The curriculum is as per the international M.B.B.S. Standards around the world, equipping the qualifying doctors to gain employment or practice medicine anywhere in the world.

China offers distinguished medical courses like M.B.B.S., Doctorate in Medicine, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, B.SC. Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Physiotherapy etc. Certain vocational medical education courses are also facilitated by well known Chinese Universities like Tianjin Medical University, Jiamusi University etc. These courses are managed and training imparted by the experienced educators from the leading universities.

With our rich experience in overseas education, we are proud to spread the word that medical courses in China are the best option for aspiring students in Asia; more specifically, in India.